Hey friend


Use this paragraph to describe what your free thing does to help people solve a problem that they are having.

The solution to your problem

Short line to tell people that they will receive your free thing and why they will benefit from having it.


  • This thing is included
  • This thing is included
  • This thing is included

“We have seen a huge spike in engagement and grown our audience.”


I’m Morgan & I’m passionate about this thing.

Use this space to introduce yourself and share your journey. Tell your reader how you were also in the same position as them, and what you did about it – was there a moment that you suddenly realised what you needed to do?

Describe the success you achieved by doing x. Don’t be shy to share any mistakes you made along the way. Tell them how you wouldn’t have achieved that success if you hadn’t followed the steps that your product / service offers.

Highlight that you are the expert in your field, and passionate about helping them achieve the results they want.